Why Luxury Condos Are Selling Well Today


Luxury condos and ultra-luxury, single family homes for sale today are seeing some of the healthiest market conditions America has had in about 5 years. Two years ago there was an enormous amount of inventory available and just earlier this year there was not enough. Today, this has changed.

Recent reports show that there is a healthy balance right now–it’s both a luxury buyer and luxury seller’s market!

Why Luxury Home Absorption Rates Are Increasing

When the market was poor, luxury owners were taking their homes off the market because they were not selling.  But now all the inventory that was abundantly available has sold off and luxury owners are putting their homes back on the market.

Banks also see this rate increase as a good indicator to sell and are putting foreclosures back on the market.

3 Contributing Factors Affecting South Florida:

1. Baby Boomers are actively seeking retirement opportunities in Florida, especially those from the North East and Canada.

2. There has been an increase of international buyers seeking opportunities to invest. Continents like Europe, South America and Asia have growing middle and upper class populations who see South Florida as more affordable with a higher quality of living.

3. Local buyers, traditionally, have always contributed to the luxury absorption rate.  Normally, they relocate to the Palm Beach area from Miami.

Why South Florida Is A Great Place To Invest Now

With the national, luxury buyer and seller’s market at it’s healthiest, South Florida provides an additional investment opportunity.

With great weather and some of the world’s most sought after waterfront properties, real estate in South Florida is premium. Real estate in South Florida recovers quickly when it comes to supply and demand because of this.

South Florida also has less land available (making prices higher and investments safer), no state income taxes, and major and international airports.

Though Florida is popular for vacation and second homes for luxury buyers, more people are moving here to stay.

In Boca Raton the real estate market is seasonal. Starting in late October and on through May more properties will come on to the market as the Florida snowbirds and vacationers return.

This Fall will be a very good time to keep an eye out for what becomes available.

Whether you are considering a permanent home, vacation home or second home, now is the time and there is no other place like South Florida to invest!

What Happens If I Don’t Buy Or Sell Now?

Prices of homes on the market will continue to rise and  sellers will be able to afford to hold on to their homes until they get the offer they want.

If sellers wait too long, holding costs, mortgages and taxes will continue to add up. Condo maintenance fees or country club fees will also continue to be a payment.

Buyers lose their buying power when they wait too long as interest rates and prices go up.

If you pass up this opportune time you may have the option to buy distressed properties and renovate them.  We’ve seen some luxury buyers tear down and rebuild homes on desirable properties along the Intracoastal Waterway.

One of our recent luxury buyers purchased two homes adjacent to one another and tore them down to create one larger home on extended property.

If you miss out on waterfront properties, another option will be properties in areas like Downtown Delray Beach or Downtown Boca Raton which are close to the ocean but not directly on it.

We’re seeing more luxury buildings being built in these downtown areas due to the lack of land available for new buildings on the water.

In the near future there will likely be an increase in luxury buyers purchasing adjoining luxury apartments and renovating them to one large luxury condo.

Why A Good Real Estate Agent Makes A Difference

Real estate is much like the stock market: the market and the buyers tell us what to sell a home for.

A good Real Estate Agent who specializes in luxury homes can be your best friend during these prime times to buy and sell.

Pricing or making an offer on a listing can be a very emotional experience for the seller or buyer, but an agent lives and breaths market data.

Therefore, he or she can help walk a homeowner / homebuyer through that process with great insight.

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9 Reasons To Love Waterfront Properties Near Downtown Delray

atlantic avenue collage 2

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you’ve been, you’ll find that there is an impressive amount of things to do and enjoy in Downtown Delray Beach through Atlantic Avenue.

Whether living in spectacular waterfront properties near Atlantic Avenue or gorgeous rolling landscapes and equestrian paradises 20 minutes inland, residents of Delray Beach continue to discover endless amounts of things to see and do in their “Village By The Sea.”

Delray Beach was voted one of the five best small towns in America as “Most Fun” by USA Today and rightfully so. Read on to discover 9 reasons to love living near Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Delray Beach, FL.

1. Waterfront Lifestyle 

Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach boasts pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear Atlantic Ocean water perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing, surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and more.

In this lush tropical environment with vibrant social activities you’ll see people enjoying a nice jog along the shore, bicycling the beach and strolling along the avenue with their furry companions.

Atlantic Avenue is also on the Intracoastal Waterway where there is jet skiing, yachting, sight-seeing tours, fishing tours, and amazing sunsets.

For those living in waterfront properties nearby, a nice walk along the ocean shore will bring them to Atlantic Avenue or they can simply call “The Downtowner” for a free electric cart ride.

2. The Arts & Cultural Attractions

Atlantic Avenue boasts a very artistic community with regular artist exhibits, numerous art galleries, and a section of Downtown Delray called The Pineapple Grove District where there are artist boutiques, restaurants and galleries to explore.

A local South Florida resident exclaims on TripAdvisor, “The revitalization of ‘downtown’ is nothing short of stunning. All of us ‘locals’ love both Atlantic Avenue and Pineapple Grove, and it has become a huge tourist destination. You will not be disappointed.”

Downtown Delray residents enjoy year-round educational art programs, free jazz concerts at The Pavillion, and performances at The Delray Beach Center For The Arts.

3. Fine Dining & Boutique Shopping

The amount of fine and casual dining and upscale and boutique shopping along Atlantic City can take days to explore!

The unique, locally owned boutique shops offer one-of-kind shopping experiences as well as continue to support the livelihood of Delray Beach.

After a few hours of shopping and working up quite the appetite patrons can relax at one of the many restaurants.

From romantically lit sidewalk dining, to piano bars, fun beachside tiki bars, amazing seafood restaurants and exquisite farm to table cuisine there is something to please anyone’s palette and mood.

4. Delray Beach Hospitality

Have you ever visited a city where there were free taxis? On Atlantic Avenue there is a convenient and free “Downtowner,” which is an electric cart that pedestrians can wave down or call in to be picked up. Wow, imagine if New York City had a system like this.

Atlantic Avenue is full of truly hospitable people: the local shop owners, artists and restaurant owners seek to continue cultivating their community and making everyone feel welcomed.

Delray Beach has a caring and involved community that seeks to improve the quality of life for both it’s residents and visitors through it’s very involved chamber of commerce.

A very active historical society ensures that Delray never forgets where it came from and works with the city in excitement as to how it continues to grow.

5. World Class Events 

Atlantic Avenue is well known for it’s world-class events and festivals such as the Garlic Festival, Wine and Seafood Festival, On The Ave, International Tennis Championships and the Art festival.

6. History And Architecture 

Take a guided or self-guided historical walking tour of Atlantic Avenue, visit the Sundy House (built in 1902 and now an elegant dining establishment overlooking botanical gardens), a variety of historical museums, and educational centers.

Much of the local architecture in the Mediterranean Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival style was influenced by Addison Mizner, who was the visionary for nearby Boca Raton, FL.

7. Tropical Paradise Of South Florida 

Top-notch beaches, local nature preserves, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, tropical flora and fauna, and amazing weather all year round make South Florida and Delray Beach an exhilarating place to live.

Consider a peaceful, botanical getaway near Atlantic Avenue at the Morikami Japanese Gardens.

8. Safe, Solid Investment 

Waterfront properties continue to be more and more scarce (even the ultra-wealthy are competing to secure their waterfront properties with only 4 direct oceanfront properties in the 20+ mil range available from Miami to Vero Beach)

9. Proximity to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Boca Raton

Delray Beach is extremely convenient to a world of activities in nearby cities such as world-class polo, swim and tennis facilities, golf resorts and country clubs, professional sporting events, concerts, and more!


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Discover One Of Florida’s Most Transcendent Equestrian Estate Homes

WINDSPIRIT COLLAGEFrank Lloyd Wright Meets Equestrian Dream Land

In 1973 in an agricultural section of Delray Beach, FL a restful Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home was built on a scenic and private equestrian getaway of 60 beautiful rolling acres.

Suitably named Windspirit Preserve, this property today is unrivaled amongst South Florida’s equestrian estate homes on the market.

60 Acres Of Privacy Only 8 Miles From The Ocean

On this secluded 60 acres surrounding a lake, Windspirit Preserve’s original owners enjoyed their solace regularly, yet also were only 20 minutes to the shore.

Windspirit, for them, was the best of all worlds when it came to serenity, vast equestrian land, ocean shores, culture and entertainment.

A Peaceful Sanctuary In A Growing Beachfront City

The city of Delray Beach continued to develop around Windspirit Preserve as this quiet place was nurtured by its owners and peacefully grazed by over a dozen content horses.

By 1990 the equestrian community in Boca Raton and Delray Beach had grown in popularity, but with restrictions by the city on new development, estate homes from even 5 to 12 acres of land were hard to come by.

A new and fortunate homeowner looking for a place of simplicity, elegance and privacy in Delray Beach discovered their dream home through Windspirit Preserve.

A favorite pastime of the new homeowners became long walks along the sanctuary of their private lake and relaxing in their gazebo over the water.

Immaculate Details Inside And Out

Windspirit’s new owners poured their heart into enhancing this Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home with new features and updates that complimented every room and outdoor feature with luxury and comfort.  They also planted much vegetation to grace the lawns surrounding the home.

From almost every room there is a view of carefully cultivated orchard trees, fruit trees, and rolling land, or paddocks with grazing horses.

The highly detailed, crystal clear outdoor pool and patio are perfect for family gatherings and entertaining friends in a picturesque and lush setting.

Culture and Entertainment Of South Florida

Just a short ride away from Delray Beach’s equestrian and agricultural land is Atlantic Avenue where people from all over enjoy fine dining, art exhibits, boutique shopping, live entertainment and miles of downtown walking along the Atlantic Ocean.

Nearby is also the affluent city of Boca Raton with its pockets of upscale shopping, performing arts centers and unique dining experiences.

A Thriving Equestrian Community In South Florida

Local equestrian enthusiasts enjoy the Palm Beach Polo Club and the annual Winter Equestrian Festival–the world’s largest, and longest-running equestrian competition!

Luxurious equestrian communities of estate homes surround Windspirit Preserve. Notable communities include Horseshoe Acres and Tierra Del Rey, proving that the area truly accommodates discerning equestrians.

The Epitome of Luxurious Lifestyle Along The Atlantic Ocean

Windspirit Preserve epitomizes a luxury retreat in the heart of Delray Beach, FL. Rarely will you find such a warm and inviting ultra-luxury estate home on so many acres with equestrian facilities, a private lake, and complete convenience to all that a richly cultural beachside city has to offer.

Living in South Florida has become a premium choice for luxury buyers from all over the country and world.

If you are intrigued by the inviting lifestyle of Windspirit Preserve and other stately properties along the beautiful Atlantic Coast, consider downloading our Luxury Showcase full of inspiring, ultra-luxury homes available today.

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One Of Only Four Beachside Ultra Luxury Homes Available

paradisio del mar luxury waterfront1

Breathtaking Views in South Florida

There’s nothing like ocean view living in South Florida. For those that live in luxury homes on the private and secure barrier island of Manalapan, FL, residents enjoy waterfront living at its best.

The sun rises over one side of the barrier island with amazing views of crystal blue waters in the Atlantic Ocean and it sets with rich hues of orange, red, pink, and purple over Lake Worth–Florida’s largest and safest part of the Intracoastal Waterway.

The Story Behind A Manalapan Paradise By The Sea

In the early 90’s a family started to build a spectacular mansion right in the heart of Manalapan, but due to family setbacks, the beautiful oceanfront property was let go and never lived in until purchased in the mid 90’s by the current homeowner.

The new homeowner, who was very passionate about the design and details, hired Architect Randall F. Keller, to completely renovate and expand the home. Marc Michaels, one of the top ten design firms, was also hired to meticulously design Paradisio del Mar to be what it is today.

Additions to the core home of Paradisio Del Mar were made to the South and North of the home site, making Paradisio Del Mar one of the Top 26 largest, privately owned homes by square footage in the U.S (amongst other properties on this list are Bill Gates’ estate in Washington and Donald Trump’s former mansion in Palm Beach, FL).

Connecting the beach side of Paradisio to the waterway is a private tunnel (one of only 10 in existence) that runs under Ocean Boulevard.

This tunnel was added to simply give the owner and his family a safe way to cross the street! The unique and rare feature adds to the mystique of this paradise by the sea.

The Best of Both Worlds: The Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway

Living in Manalapan on both the waterway and Atlantic Ocean makes it extremely convenient to for yachting and jet skiing.

The residents of Paradisio Del Mar and other nearby luxury homes can access the Atlantic Ocean in just 2 minutes from their private dock on the waterway.

Paradisio del Mar’s setting on the east side of Lake Worth, with the Intracoastal Waterway Channel on the west side of the lake, adds to the privacy and security of the estate. This prime location provides easy boating access and a very peaceful setting with spectacular sunsets over the water that are a perfect backdrop to any evening activity.

Entertainment With A View

Entertaining at Paradisio Del Mar has been the centerpiece of enjoyment for it’s homeowners–imagine cocktail hours at sunset, catered dinners, weddings, putting a private green, a private boardwalk leading to a guest cottage that rests on sand dunes, and an impressive billiard room all with spectacular views of a waterfront paradise.

A Special Perk For Manalapan Residents

As if anyone would ever want to leave 1960 South Ocean Boulevard, all Manalapan residents have the privilege of membership to the private ultra-luxurious La Coquille Club with absolutely no dues.
This world class, historical hotel is said to have exquisite dining, breathtaking views (a common theme in Manalapan) and sublime events.

Also, relaxation by the pool, a round of tennis and a friendly game of golf can be had year round with Florida’s great weather.

Manalapan: A Perfectly Situated Town

Manalapan, FL is convenient to Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. Each area offers a unique mixture of culture, the arts, upscale shopping, dining and entertainment.

Living near the water in South Florida also means easy access to the Carribean Islands (Paradisio Del Mar is only 3-4 hours by motor yacht to tropical getaways like Little Bahama Bank).

South Florida: Comprehensive Lifestyle With An Ocean View

If you’ve been seeking luxury homes with waterfront living, South Florida is arguably one of the best choices there is.

Whether it’s serenity and security, an ultra-luxury lifestyle, terrific boating, or a simple relaxing walk along the water at sunrise, there is something here just for you.

Source: “Paradisio Del Mar one of the Top 26 largest, privately owned homes by square footage in the U.S”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_houses_in_the_United_States

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