The Newest Luxury Condo Building in Downtown Boca Has It All


Boca Raton in beautiful South Florida is an area that balances a fresh, energetic vibe with tranquil, rejuvenating luxury living.

People that come for a visit stay for a lifetime in one of the many housing options available including luxury condos.

There’s employment, entertainment, recreation and residences for every preference and all feature easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway.

Embracing Urban Living

The upscale, urban living of 200 East is located less than a mile from the ocean, has the newest and finest luxury condos in downtown Boca Raton and features amenities not found anywhere else.

The condominiums are chic and offer a varied selection of spacious floor plans. Residents of 200 East enjoy valet parking, heated pool and spa, complete fitness center and clubhouse.

These luxury condos have their finger on the pulse of modern conveniences with concierge service technology that tells residents when they’ve received a package, their dry cleaning is ready or that their car has been washed with the touch of a button. There’s also a courteous and accommodating front desk staff available 24/7 for immediate assistance.

A majority of the current residents of 200 East live there year-round and with good reason! Everyone from young professionals to retirees appreciate the amenities and conveniences of these luxury condos.

High-end materials and quality finishes speak to the sophistication of the entire building designed to epitomize the rise of urban living in Boca Raton. Tall ceilings, numerous windows and a warm, neutral palette throughout exude refinement.

Sweeping views of gorgeous south Florida are visible from every unit with a private veranda off master bedrooms and palatial terraces off living rooms.

Exquisite kitchens boast gourmet amenities including superb, top-quality appliances, granite countertops, custom cabinets and optimal use of space down to the finest detail.

Whirlpool tubs and full-height showers transform the bathroom into a private oasis.

Downtown Boca Convenience

The luxury condos of 200 East are convenient to everything downtown Boca Raton. Fine dining at world-class restaurants, shopping in top name stores and quaint shops and entertainment from movies and outdoor concerts are mere steps from the front doors.

The downtown lifestyle of Boca Raton is social, energetic and fun to keep up with the active lives of those who call the area home.

Residents include early retirees, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and those from multiple other professional fields. They enjoy invigorating endeavors including working out, playing golf, tennis and boating. People from every age range and background revel in the fine living and opportunities in this region of southern Florida.

The vision behind 200 East was to change the entire downtown Boca Raton area by creating an urban living lifestyle in unequaled luxury condos. That vision was successfully accomplished in the splendor and uniqueness of the building when compared to its older, neighboring counterparts.

A majority of the condo residents originally lived in the country club communities of West Boca. Their desire to downsize without sacrificing luxury when their children moved out led them to 200 East.

The remaining population of the building consists of people from all over the country seeking an additional home. Without the hassle of maintaining a large home and with all the amenities of the building, those downsizing or adding another property to the places they call home, find everything they want.

Your Chance to Live in Luxurious Downtown Boca Raton

Contact Monica Squires at 305-542-7778­ to learn more about 200 East and the lifestyle you could begin enjoying right in the heart of it all.  200 East is over 95% occupied, so don’t miss this new and rare opportunity.

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Why Luxury Condos Are Selling Well Today


Luxury condos and ultra-luxury, single family homes for sale today are seeing some of the healthiest market conditions America has had in about 5 years. Two years ago there was an enormous amount of inventory available and just earlier this year there was not enough. Today, this has changed.

Recent reports show that there is a healthy balance right now–it’s both a luxury buyer and luxury seller’s market!

Why Luxury Home Absorption Rates Are Increasing

When the market was poor, luxury owners were taking their homes off the market because they were not selling.  But now all the inventory that was abundantly available has sold off and luxury owners are putting their homes back on the market.

Banks also see this rate increase as a good indicator to sell and are putting foreclosures back on the market.

3 Contributing Factors Affecting South Florida:

1. Baby Boomers are actively seeking retirement opportunities in Florida, especially those from the North East and Canada.

2. There has been an increase of international buyers seeking opportunities to invest. Continents like Europe, South America and Asia have growing middle and upper class populations who see South Florida as more affordable with a higher quality of living.

3. Local buyers, traditionally, have always contributed to the luxury absorption rate.  Normally, they relocate to the Palm Beach area from Miami.

Why South Florida Is A Great Place To Invest Now

With the national, luxury buyer and seller’s market at it’s healthiest, South Florida provides an additional investment opportunity.

With great weather and some of the world’s most sought after waterfront properties, real estate in South Florida is premium. Real estate in South Florida recovers quickly when it comes to supply and demand because of this.

South Florida also has less land available (making prices higher and investments safer), no state income taxes, and major and international airports.

Though Florida is popular for vacation and second homes for luxury buyers, more people are moving here to stay.

In Boca Raton the real estate market is seasonal. Starting in late October and on through May more properties will come on to the market as the Florida snowbirds and vacationers return.

This Fall will be a very good time to keep an eye out for what becomes available.

Whether you are considering a permanent home, vacation home or second home, now is the time and there is no other place like South Florida to invest!

What Happens If I Don’t Buy Or Sell Now?

Prices of homes on the market will continue to rise and  sellers will be able to afford to hold on to their homes until they get the offer they want.

If sellers wait too long, holding costs, mortgages and taxes will continue to add up. Condo maintenance fees or country club fees will also continue to be a payment.

Buyers lose their buying power when they wait too long as interest rates and prices go up.

If you pass up this opportune time you may have the option to buy distressed properties and renovate them.  We’ve seen some luxury buyers tear down and rebuild homes on desirable properties along the Intracoastal Waterway.

One of our recent luxury buyers purchased two homes adjacent to one another and tore them down to create one larger home on extended property.

If you miss out on waterfront properties, another option will be properties in areas like Downtown Delray Beach or Downtown Boca Raton which are close to the ocean but not directly on it.

We’re seeing more luxury buildings being built in these downtown areas due to the lack of land available for new buildings on the water.

In the near future there will likely be an increase in luxury buyers purchasing adjoining luxury apartments and renovating them to one large luxury condo.

Why A Good Real Estate Agent Makes A Difference

Real estate is much like the stock market: the market and the buyers tell us what to sell a home for.

A good Real Estate Agent who specializes in luxury homes can be your best friend during these prime times to buy and sell.

Pricing or making an offer on a listing can be a very emotional experience for the seller or buyer, but an agent lives and breaths market data.

Therefore, he or she can help walk a homeowner / homebuyer through that process with great insight.

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