Are The Polo Club Members Most Spoiled Amongst Boca Raton Golf Courses?


The Polo Club of Boca Raton is more than home to premiere private Boca Raton golf courses, it’s an entire resort community in tropical South Florida.

Polo Club residents have unlimited access to golf courses, tennis courts, fine dining, fitness services, private party facilities, shopping, swimming and endless social activities, all within seven miles of downtown Boca.

It’s luxurious and leisurely living at its finest and a level of spoiling that any age is welcome to indulge in.

Something for Everyone

All 1,100 meticulously manicured acres of the Polo Club has a masterful design that gives every residence breathtaking views of the rolling greens, tall palms and expansive lake.

The homes cater to every lifestyle and set the standard that other country clubs aspire to obtain. The club provides access for all residents to two Championship Boca Raton golf courses and 27 tennis courts in their nationally recognized facility.

There’s a large, 35,000 square foot spa and fitness center expertly designed for those who love to work out, relax splendidly or combine the best of both.

Add on the variety of social activities and dining options and The Polo Club is the ultimate escape in a safe, private and self-contained community.

Social Events Promote Active Lifestyle

Living in The Polo Club of Boca Raton provides residents with every kind of entertainment imaginable. The community calendar has events all year long that include holiday celebrations, special events, parties by the pool, humor-filled evenings of comedy, dinner and dancing and performances by national artists.

There are numerous cultural arts events and art and photography classes available designed to keep members stimulated and active.

These offerings elevate the luxury lifestyle of The Polo Club far beyond the simple beauty and enjoyment of residing by two stunningly groomed and maintained Boca Raton golf courses.

Follow a Day on the Links With a Deal of the Cards

With one of the largest card rooms in South Florida, The Polo Club is the ideal place to sit down for a friendly or competitive game of cards after a few rounds out on the Boca Raton golf courses.

All players enjoy food and beverages during play and lessons are offered by pros. Popular card games include poker, bridge and canasta. Residents can also play chess or Mah Jongg.

Cards are a great way to become social and meet members of the community and the Polo Club hosts a card party event for residents and guests.

Fun for the Youngest Community Members

The Polo Club caters to the entertainment desires of all community members, including children. There’s a Children’s Activity center featuring Wii games, summer camp, parties, fishing adventures and junior tennis and golf programs on the two Boca Raton golf courses.

The Family Resort Complex is the place to be for families of all sizes and ages with delicious food from the Barefoot Cafe and pool activities for young and old. There’s a kiddie pool, heated pool and whirlpool so parents and their children can be together or partake in separate activities.

With its award winning facilities, community layout and close proximity to downtown Boca and Delray Beach, The Polo Club of Boca Raton is the preferred destination for anyone who seeks to spoil themselves with all the finer things of life available in beautiful South Florida.

For more information about Polo Club homes, contact Keith Neff at 561-997-4995 and he’ll be happy to help!

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